Site Management During Construction

Thank you for your recent investment in Pelican Waters. You may already be building your new home or about to build and we would like to take this opportunity to remind you as property owners, and your builders, of their responsibilities, prior to and during construction. We would like to draw your attention to a number of important items you should be aware of, particularly with regards to Stormwater Quality Devices (Bio-retention Basins) and site access and management.

Stormwater Quality Devices (Bio-retention Basins)

You may have noticed some “strange” looking landscaping features located on the verge or nature strip outside your property. These are called Bio-retention Basins and are vegetated areas that collect and treat stormwater run-off from your street before entering the stormwater system. These flows ultimately end up in our creeks, rivers and oceans.

In fact, all storm water from the Pelican Waters community ultimately flows via the internal lakes system and/or canals into the Pumicestone Passage. It is, therefore, necessary to control the discharge of silt, sediment and any other waste from an allotment, particularly during the dwelling construction stage. The Sunshine Coast Council and the State government have strict requirements in this regard.

During construction, it is important that these bio-retention basins are protected from damage. If they are damaged, they don’t perform the job they have been designed to do. The following is a few helpful hints for builders that will assist in protecting these devices:

  • Don’t drive through or park vehicles/motorbikes within a bio-retention basin
  • Don’t dump construction rubbish, soil, liquid waste or any building materials in these devices
  • Don’t store building materials in these devices
  • Don’t wash down concrete trucks in these devices (or anywhere on site)

Please take care of these devices during your building process. You can contact our office to report anyone that appears to be damaging these devices.

Site Access and Management

Please also be mindful of the following with regard to site management and access during construction (as per the Pelican Waters Design Guidelines):

  • We strongly urge the Owner and/or Builder to contact the owners of the neighbouring properties to request, if required, parking solutions for trades and access for building.
  • Access to the Land during the period of construction of a dwelling (or any other improvements) shall be obtained from the lot’s roadway frontage(s). Access to the Land via an adjacent lot shall only be undertaken with the expressed approval of the owner of that land. In this event, and at all times when access is being derived from an adjacent lot, the person or persons gaining such access shall be responsible for silt, sediment and pollutant control (as outlined above) from that lot or landholding, and for the remediation of the site at the completion of construction. It remains the responsibility of the owner over whose land access is being sought, and not Pelican Waters, to ensure that such remediation work is completed to their satisfaction.
  • It is the Buyer’s responsibility to ensure that the Builder contains all building material and waste in a tidy, secured manner for the duration of the construction. All building waste is to be contained in waste skips or similar suitably enclosed vessels (i.e. fully wrapped with shade cloth cage bin) that ensures containment of all construction waste and moved from the site prior to the occupation of the dwelling.
  • Please refer to the Pelican Waters Design Guidelines with regard to all other site management and access requirements during construction.

All the best for the completion of your home. Once again, we thank you for your decision to call Pelican Waters home and look forward to you settling in this magic place to live. Please contact our office on 07 5492 4888 if you wish to discuss this matter further.